About AMFC

Some interesting facts about AMFC:
  • Radio Controlled Flying (RC) is a hobby that is practiced world wide, and stimulates some learning of many sciences in a practical way: electronics, engineering, computer science, chemistry, physics, meteorology.
  • There are approximately 43 RC flying clubs in Ireland, AMFC is the only club with a purpose built tarmac runway dedicated solely to model RC use, most other clubs use a grass runway which restricts the type of models that they can fly or else they share the facility with full size aircraft (general aviation).
  • Our all model, all weather runway was installed in 2018 at significant cost using local contractors and was funded entirely by the club members through fundraising activities and personal donations.
  • Aside of Ireland, AMFC is actually one of the few RC clubs in Europe that has a dedicated Tarmac runway.  We also have volunteer instructors, and certification testers resident within the club so are well poised to take on and assist new members.
  • Because of the attraction of the runway, approximately 50% of our members come from outside of Athlone (including Dublin, Waterford, Kilkenny, Clare, & Mayo), and this brings business to the local economy surrounding Athlone.
  • One of our members is a freelance journalist in the field of RC models and because of this AMFC is regularly featured on the front cover of magazines that sell in newsagents throughout the world (Publications: RC Jet International, MFI Modelflug, JetPower Magazine).
  • In addition to the print media exposure, AMFC is also well known through online media particularly Facebook- we regularly post photos and updates of models flying and these are consumed around the world.
  • Contact us at amfc.sec@gmail.com for more information

Athlone Model Flying Club (AMFC) was set up in 2009 to provide an area to safely fly remote controlled models, to promote the sport and to provide its members with a social outlet to share their knowledge and to learn from others.  In addition Athlone Model Flying Club encourages its members, and assists them in improving their flying skills and also assists them in obtaining their MACI accredited A & B certificates for flying skills.

Our flying club field is located near Brideswell, Athlone and is approxiametly 7 miles from Athlone town centre.  Please put this enter this shortcut in to Google maps to find our flying field: 9C5HCWJ8+56