An appeal from from our club secretary Geoff – “We’re big on community but we can only do it with your help.  Your donation can help us to make the wonder of flight a reality for people across Ireland – young and old.”

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  • Our membership is relatively small at 35 members, this is growing at a rate of one or two members per month but is being slowed by restriction of resources.
  • While we are non-profit, we have costs associated with maintaining the facilities (ride on mower, cabins etc) and these have associated costs to maintain.   Our facilities and equipment is donated/old and is regularly in need of repair.  This is creating a restriction on our ability to grow and develop in to a more welcoming public friendly facility.
  • Regrettably Sporting Ireland does not recognize RC flying as a sport (even though it is recognized in other countries) and so we are not able to apply for any kind of development grant that would befall a GAA club or other recognized sport and help them to grow.
  • In order to grow our hobby we need to promote the positive aspects, and focus on developing a sense of community but this takes resources to achieve.

Our friends the Shower Doctors.ie, and BKM Accountants, have embraced AMFC’s vision to become a world class facility and a valuable asset to the Athlone community.  We would like to work with other like minded business sponsors who are willing to support our club through sponsorship.  Please contact us for more details.